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Originally Posted by mrsupertrekguy View Post
A Borg faction sounds cool, but wouldn't really work in-game.

How would you play if you had no individuality? Would the game "force" missions upon you and "force" you to complete them in a perfect way? How would you fly your ship if the collective controls their ships?

In order to create a Borg faction STO would either need to totally break Trek canon and invent some way that Borg have individuality or create a faction that you have to follow every single thing the collective tells you or you self destruct and end up saying "This game is not fun".

Well the 'missions' could be like defending transwarp gates like the one at the end of 'Voyager. Remember the collective think as one Mind, you could be like the 'Queen/King' of the borg or be something similar to 'seven of nine' before she left the Borg.

Each Borg cube would have 1 person similar to loctus of Borg that would give orders and this would command several ships, the Borg would of course have it's original homeworld.

You of course wouldn't be a mindless drone but would send 'drones' that would hail you about latest intel and do patrols like the klinks/feds for possible assimilation patrols then for the main missions it could be something like a temp alliance between the federation and the borg to fight spieces 8472 again then the Borg would terminate the alliance and try to assimilate the either the federation or the klingons.

There's plenty that could be done like getting messages from the 'queen' about a possible plan that could lead a direct attack on 'Earth or Kronos' but this would of course fail eventually. While this mission is out then the fed/klinks could have similar missions. This could even become a PVE/PVP mission to defend Earth/Kronos from a direct attack.

Ships could start from smaller probes to then lead upto bigger ships, if they did this then they could add 'new' types of Borg ships never seen in sto before. Mainly focusing on Borg ships similar to the current size of klink/fed ships since cubes would be pretty slow to move in the current gameplay unless they speed them up a bit (Personally think they do more speed since at the moment in PVE there just giant sponges moving around that people try to exploit like getting it stuck in the gate)