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09-22-2012, 07:11 PM
Again there is a lot complained about here, so lets start with Sci being broken. Being that my only Fed is Sci, I agree Sci is a bit unbalanced. But this is a problem on both sides, not just Fed. Compared to Tac, Sci is far weaker in damage. And compared to Eng, Sci is laughable at healing. Long story short the Devs do know that Sci is way weaker then the rest and does need balancing. They are not going to ever balance it, but atleast they claim they will (they play Tac so they really don't care about Sci).

Now for the ships, more then likely you got schooled by a B'rlol. They are the weakest ships in the game, and all KDF ships get the shaft from Cryptic. KDF is very underpowered in ships, and not going to get anything worth while anytime soon.

So in conclusion if your point was that Sci captains are underpowered, you are right in that aspect. But KDF is way weaker then Fed in regards to ship quality.