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# 1 Engineer or sci?
09-22-2012, 07:18 PM
Hi. Im trying to pick between which one to stick with. I wanted to play a support class that will do well in stf and pvp at end game. I like the sci/sci but keep reading a bunch of negative posts regarding sci class and sci ships. I know many people will say play what you want but if sci/sci is believed to be bad then I dont know if Getting a grp would be easy.

I havent heard any thing negative about engineers. I see more tacs then engineers and few sci charaters. This makes me wonder if they are bad.

So I quess my questions are

1. Which class is more desired in STF (ground and space)

2. Which is better if PVP. (ground and Space)

3. Which class will be more wanted by other players to get into groups easier.

Thanks for any input. Please excuse my grammer as english is a second language for me.