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Hi All -

I work in online marketing, and the survey's do work. I've gotten 500+ Zen pfrom them since starting. Here are some basic rules:

  1. Only survey's found on the perfect world site generate Zen. Some will make you register to complete the form, and you will receive additional survey's by email. The email surveys DO NOT GENERATE ZEN.
  2. You have to qualify to earn the Zen. If the survey cuts out after 5 questions, you didn't qualify.
  3. Some groups are automatically disqualified, depending on your region, wages etc.
  4. ALL of the survey's I have completed (9 to date) have produced Zen for me. Only those done through email have not produced Zen. I did get credits from one, which became a $50 prepaid Mastercard.
  5. NO survey has infected me with a virus, or telephone scam. The companies in question have been vetted, and are actually fronts for larger companies = all legitimate. Only do those listed on the perfect world site.

For the most part if you're under 22, and live at home with mom & dad, these surveys are useless. They typically look for a certain age groups 28-48, in specific wage categories and regions.

Most take at least 20 minutes to complete. Complete it too fast, it's invalid. Most require specific product knowledge (ie you're buying a new car, and you've spent time researching models). Random answers simply to fill it out can be filtered from the responses. These use catch or trigger questions that if you answer correctly, delivers on the zen.

Don't think for a moment these survey's are simple multiple choice that you can randomly fill out for free Zen. I build them for a living , and you will be filtered out.

Admiral Thrax