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09-22-2012, 09:37 PM
Another option would involve an episode that create chaos in the Collective, in the way Hugh's ruturn created chaos to the cube that picked him up. (See links to relevant TNG episodes below) I could see such an event being caused by the Romulans at the insistance of the Iconians.

We players would be like Locutus or Lore, commanding our own group of Borg. Occassional orders come in from the Unimatrix, but those are few. Primary missions will be to survive, as was seen in Star Trek Armada II. Fleets would be Sub-Collectives with the dual purposes of survival and to reestablish a connection with the Collective. Reestablishing the connection would unlock a mulitple sets of new, Borg exclusive episodes. Compliance will grant the Fleet new provissions, while non-compliance will result in punishment from the queen.

Such missions requiring compliance would be missions that have a time frame to for completion.