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I was on an alt last night, brand new KDF captain, doing some of the FE's when I came across this:

A couple of minutes later I had to kill one

And lastly closer to the end of the space section of this FE I came across this:

As you can see from the time stamp on these screen shots, they were all taken within a 5 minute period, all are also untouched with the UI showing.
This leads me to believe that my theory of Raptors (Qin in particular) is being overlayed on the battle cruiser flight mesh instead of it's own, or the fed escort one.

What I cannot fathom is if those particular spawns in that mission are "working as intended" or if they are actually bugged, and to be honest, either way, I don't care.
Instead, I would rather like to know if the Qin's fatal turn flaw is "working as intended" or just yet more proof that bugs and issues on the KDF side are unimportant enough to be looked into and corrected.

Addendum: I am not posting this for a bug report, nor to troll, create unrest, incite anger, or anything else of the like. I am posting this to bring to the attention of the Dev's which will hopefully lead to it being corrected, as well as the KDF players to support what I have posted in the past about the Raptor class ships (those that have read my posts will understand this).