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Originally Posted by grim2323 View Post

1. Which class is more desired in STF (ground and space)

2. Which is better if PVP. (ground and Space)

3. Which class will be more wanted by other players to get into groups easier.

Thanks for any input. Please excuse my grammer as english is a second language for me.
Your grammar is better than some native English speakers. Don't worry about it.

1. Both contribute well on the ground but a sci with a Medic kit provides a lot of team damage mitigation. An engineer can provide good support but will have more trouble with a bad team and some bosses.

In space either one will be OK as long as they're in an escort or a damaged spec'd ship. Sci skills have been seriously nerfed over the last year and just about don't work on the borg. A cruisers level of toughness isn't required for stf's. The sci in an escort will out DPS the engineer, the engineer will out live the sci by a healthy margin.

Sounds like the sci wins.

2. Engineer is better for space PVP about 80% of the time. A sci officer has sub nuke to seriously hurt folks but an engineer can heal other teammates more consistently without dieing themselves. I've never ground PVP'd, older players/characters have too much of an advantage thanks to kits/weapons that are no longer obtainable.

3. Either class when used by someone that knows what they're doing is handy. An engineer will survive longer while a sci officer can potentially unleash lethal debuffs on the enemy.

For elite STF's the sci officer with an escort is better. For PVP an engineer's ability to heal while contribute damage is better.

For general PVE game both bring a lot to the team. I cheer every time I get a good cruiser or sci ship in the mirror universe. The entire thing goes much smoother when the mirror Feds are gravity welled into a tight formation while being pelted with AOE's.