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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
Very, it come from novel that are about as canon as this very MMO we are playing.

Also there is no point in that, gender in the game only exist for what model to be displayed, zhen and shen are "female" as chan and thaan are male, what would be the point of having those extra two options that would be utter redundant?
CBS has actually stated that (with the exception of the thousands of admirals and some tech things like so many cloaking defiant class ships flying around) STO IS Canon.

Since they're unlikely to revisit the prime universe again thanks to Abrams "Lens flare in space" movie they wanted the old school fans to, you know, not kill them in nerd rage.

STO is our prime universe, it's the history that CBS states is canon.

That's why certain things just can't be done and why CBS restricts so many other things.