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I browsed the KDF Fleet ship roster and I kind of had to wipe my eyes to see if I was seeing correctly .

As far as I can determine , the KDF have one ship with 5 Tac consoles (the Tac. Bortas) .
I could have sworn that they'd have at least one Fleet BOP and one Fleet Raptor that would of had that configuration , as the Feds have the Fleet Defiant and the Fleet Pormetheus Advance Escort with 5 Tac consoles .

What happened to the KDF being all bout the firepower ?
Why are the Feds getting this kind of ... dare I say preferential treatment ?
I mean this is the equivalent of discovering only one Fed Fleet cruiser with 5 Eng slots .

I can imagine them adding 5 Tac consoles to the Fleet Guramba down the road , but really , one if not two of the actual canon ships should have this added firepower as well (as the Bortas can't even make use of it in an optimal fashion) -- not like an escort can .

Your thoughts ?

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