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Originally Posted by lianthelia View Post
Another way to screw KDF no doubt, not only would any ship have cloak which not even all KDF ships have cloak, we have no good worth while consoles at Tier 5. But silly me who cares about the KDF at all.
As much as I would love to turn this into a discussion about KDF discrimination, I am sure you can see that this would benefit KDF as well, as their consoles would have to be included in a transformation too.

Cool if you love KDF... Don't derail my thread please.

Back on topic, gracefully avoiding the attempt at derailing:

From my perspective, some of those consoles are naturally excluding themselves from being mountable on other ships:

As pointed out, seperation modules obviously don't make sence on a Defiant, so the galaxy and Oddy's unmount consoles would clearly not go well with other ships than thoose, but lets take a look at it.

But the retrofits only have one special ability, designed to represent the ones from the show, but the newer ships pretty much all have two.

The new Sov: Has the Riker Manuver, and the 180 Quantum (This can already be mounted on all ships according to the description).

Armitage: Hangar and TPDC

Oddy: SaucerSep/AquariusSep/Worker bee and Enhanced Slipstream

Bortas: BoPSep/CannonThingie/SubSpace Snare (does it have enhanced slipstream too?).

... and it dosen't exactly seem implausible that future ships will also have the 2-step-specialty layouts, so why not go 50% on it? One mountable on all ships and one that is locked to the ship?

To the lil KDF guy above: That would also in the long run open up for the KDF to get theese consoles through (shivers) grab-bags, as these consoles often make it into the money scam, and onto the exchange... Think about it.
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