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09-22-2012, 11:36 PM
Originally Posted by francescos772 View Post
I know that we will need a couple of months to get there, but today i stumbled upon this thread regarding elite fleet ground weapons: basically it's only phasers for fed and only disruptors for kdf.
Luckily this game has not ground PvP (yes, it's dead Jim) and for this reason the lack of variety in ground weapons in my opinion is not a problem.
BUT it could be a real problem is the same decision is made on space weapons.
Can Borticus or someone else share with us details about the fleet elite space weapons?
The space weapons are sick, the ground stuff isn't to bad either especially the Armor.

To give you an idea I run the quad disruptor's and the Fleet MK XII weapons well cannons anyway are 1 point or there abouts behind the quads.

If you want to have a look for your self just find somebody who has these things unlocked and ask for an invitation so you can have a sticky beak.

I don't pvp much in the public arena I much prefer to play within our fleet with private match's so its fun and not a "flaming rage contest" like the public arena tends to be plus we have the added bonus of discussing our ship builds and so forth in all its a very fun and pleasurable way of doing pvp well I think so anyway.