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Originally Posted by ericsonxx View Post
Yes, I have GW3 and Tyken 2, but what else is good? Charged Particle Burst for shield damage, Scramble sensors for 12 seconds of the enemies either shooting each other or at least not you? Siphon power for a 2/3 equivalent of the Eng similar power buff, etc?
The borg are very resistant to sci's control powers, a single gravity well 3 won't hold a borg ship unless it's having engine problems from B:Target engines, tyken's rift or eject warp plasma. It will slow them down and do damage but don't start dreaming about it holding a dozen probes at bay without a lucky Doff proc(2+ gravity wells will do it just fine) or another contributing factor.

I don't think scramble sensors even works on the borg anymore and with the "damage decreases duration" aspect it's never going to last a whole 12 seconds. Tractor beam repulsors can really help control borg ships and the AOE shield damage of CPB combined with T:spread is a very useful thing. I wouldn't bother with siphon power. If you don't have a MACO shield use that slot for a higher TSS or HE.