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Originally Posted by nephilim83 View Post
This would be fine and dandy, but it would require a lot of players to rethink their strategies and how they play the game. Currently, ESTFs are all about top damage. A few escorts and carriers can get together and steamroll every one of them in just a few minutes. So far, this is the best way I've found to play, because it takes less time, there are fewer to no deaths, and it's chaotic fun. Even cruisers can participate as long as they're putting out. And in the long run, this makes player classes obsolete. Which is fine since very few players seem to know their roles to begin with.

As a primarily escort pilot, I can tell you that nine times out of ten, when I die, It's because I'm holding aggro on a team made up of cruisers and sci ships, none of which make any attempt to heal me. I've seen cruisers with threat control maxed out take aggro and actually tank while I tear into a tact cube. I've had sci ships pass me a TSS here and there. But a guestimated 90% of the time I play, these classes sit back away from the target, shooting their beams, and popping off their offensives, and being incredibly ineffective. And then I die. And then I die some more. Because the tanks aren't tanking and the healers aren't healing.

So what I am getting at is that before we start punishing the escort pilots for doing what they are supposed to, let's find a way to get other players to fill their roles more effectively and be team players. For one, all Cruisers should come with a threat boost. Engineers should get a threat captain's skill that draws fire. Science captains should get team heal captain abilities that only work on teammates and doesn't share CD with anything else. Basically, Cryptic should find a way to make these roles more intuitive and accessible, to encourage players to do their part. Put a shiny "heal somebody!" button in front of them. That's a start. Until that happens, OP, you gonna die.
Hmm it gets quite difficult when you put it like that, how many times have my Tac toons died multiple times because I was in a team of "Rambo's One Man Army" lol. I love my Siege destroyer but if I'm in a fail team I will die the toon is built for dps not healing and I can pull aggro to easily with the amount of dps I can pull out of that ship.

As you said in your first paragraph about people not knowing their roles to begin with, One thing I have found is for some strange reason if they choose a different class of ship than what is designed for that class they seem to think they can use that ship the same way they would use on designed for that class. I had a heated debate with a fellow a while ago who wanted to use a Carrier with a TAc toon then proceeded to argue that a Tac toon could use a Carrier better than a Science toon. Last I checked they where built with Science Boffs in mind same as its console.

Now I'm not saying a different class can't use different class ships but you can't say a Tac officer can out heal a Science officer just because of the ship they may have. Hell I use an Escort Carrier on a Fed Engineer and a Cruiser for a Klingon Tac but there are some good reasons behind that and when I'm on my Engineer I heal and extend shields as often as I can where as my Tac in a cruiser well thats mainly cause I'm sick of dying because I don't get healed and I needed the extra console space.

Problem with people using different ships to different classes is a lot of people don't actually look at the color of your icon next to your name they look at the ship your inn and assume from there, yesterday I was in a cure pug in a Bortasqu instantly it was assumed I was an engineer and could tank, just lucky for me that ship can take a bit of punishment but I was tactical so I could dish it out especially with my new found love of missiles.

As far as implementing a Death penalty I reckon they could still do it for example for each class no matter what ship they are in have a minimum of what they have to achieve if not you cop the penalty. So with Tac there would be a min DPS to Deaths in a mission and the same for other classes given both Engineers and Science can heal just as effectively as each other I would keep the Engineers on heal and put the Science on debuffs.