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09-23-2012, 02:06 AM
Originally Posted by tobar26th View Post
I can't say I have, but it's up there with the Fed's Aquarius destroyer - I suspect that the one you're referring to is the counterpart of the BoP that comes in the Bortas as a launchable craft yeah?

I believe with the aquarius it was put in due to high layer demand, I suspect the Klingon Equivalent was put in for equality (!)
I actually don't refer to the Hoh'Sus *gesundheit* which would be the counterpart to the Aquarius.

The Hoh'SuS actually makes kinda sense.
Even though I find it aestetically unappealing it's basically a BoP with a greater TAC focus.

I mean this:

and while it does have a potentially powerful BO setup, it does have drawbacks that make me shy away from it and wonder what it's supposed to be good at.