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09-23-2012, 03:56 AM
I play story missions almost exclusively. I do my 1/day mining, and Officer Reports, maybe a STF with the Fleet, but most of my time on the game is dedicated to running Story Missions. Like you I find myself often doing so without any other Players, but stuck with my BOFFs and devolping the story and attitude of my Caitian from those stories.

As an avid RPer outside the game, I am struggling to find a decent group to RP with especially since for some reason when I see a friend log on, and send a tell, I often don't get a response. The default scroll of the chat sees to that, if someone is in combat, or lots of folk are talking in zone or local, my tell gets lost amidst the tide...

As it stands I end up with solo content 4/5 of the time, simply due to that fact alone...