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Hello Dev's,
since the subnuke doff Halor Kurlam is on exchnage in masses (because of your Gamma Elite packs) pvp is nearly dead cos if a team is fully equipped with that there are 15 snb doffs. One can raise the proc chance by using faw. If a team brings it to the edge one get a snb proc every 8-10 seconds. So its useless to start any BO ability. The Game will be decieded in the first 2 Minutes and a gameplay is not possible anymore. Its more a kind of gambling, which snb doffs procs first. When there are phaser procs in addition you can calculate the chance of staying alive its like 0.
Therefore i want those doffs to be limited for at least 1 equip possibility per charakter or a nerf. The last thing i want is a complete removal for all snb doff but it will be best for the pvp.