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09-23-2012, 06:31 AM
SNB doffs were a stupid idea to begin with, & they have been implemented stupidly.
3 of them per ship? Really? I hope whoever came up with that idea doesn't have children, because those genes should not influence future human endevours. ( come to think of it, an idea this stupid could only be arrived at by consensus. This must have been a committee decision.)
Unless the idea was to destroy PVP, in which case it was genius. I am to the point where i believe Cryptic WANTS PVP gone, Completely. This would explain the way they have acted recently.
BTW PVPers, MWO is ALL PVP. So come join us in some Mech destructiony goodness.
The balance for MWO is better in Beta than STO is after 3 years.
Also, you don't have to gamble to get gear you want. You just buy it. No lock boxes.
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