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Originally Posted by ericsonxx View Post
So why are then only two powers of any real offensive use vs Borg in STFs? That makes most of sci's debuff power useless, no, making them more only effective as healers?
In my opinion it's poor game design, marginalizing one class of ship and player while promoting the DPS machines, STFs are basically DPS races at the moment.

From what I've heard the logic behind this decision was one sci ship with gravity well/scramble sensors would make Infected far to easy if gravity well/scramble sensors actually worked on the borg. Cure and Khitmore wouldn't be as affected but sci ships would defiantly out shine rear admiral cruisers on those maps if their AOE crowd controls worked.

P.S. I use gravity well 3 with a maxed out graviton generators skill and the MACO deflector. If I target engine subsystems and use a tractor beam my GW will actually pull back and hold a pair of borg ships. I've never bothered to equip the console that boost the graviton generator skill, I run 3xpartical generators and 1xfield emitter to maximize my "Space Age Sorcerer" play-style. The logic behind this is that if the skill being maxed out isn't enough on it's own I don't want to bother with equipping multiple graviton generators for gravity well to work on the borg when it's already enough for most PVE play.