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09-23-2012, 08:47 AM
Originally Posted by gonael77 View Post
Hello Dev's,
since the subnuke doff Halor Kurlam is on exchnage in masses (because of your Gamma Elite packs) pvp is nearly dead cos if a team is fully equipped with that there are 15 snb doffs. One can raise the proc chance by using faw. If a team brings it to the edge one get a snb proc every 8-10 seconds. So its useless to start any BO ability. The Game will be decieded in the first 2 Minutes and a gameplay is not possible anymore. Its more a kind of gambling, which snb doffs procs first. When there are phaser procs in addition you can calculate the chance of staying alive its like 0.
Therefore i want those doffs to be limited for at least 1 equip possibility per charakter or a nerf. The last thing i want is a complete removal for all snb doff but it will be best for the pvp.
I'd hardly call 22 million EC "widely available" but these things are total BS. I've seen some bad decisions in this game but these Doffs are probably the worst. Fed cruisers can't survive without stacking EPTS and other buffs, making the majority of C-store ships absolutely worthless in PVP play. They can't tank, can't do damage and in short can't compete. Way to screw your customers team.