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09-23-2012, 09:22 AM
I was a monthly subscriber for just under 300 days. During that time, I spent money on a ton of stuff that was not available to LTSers for free either. For RL issues, I cancelled and was away for a while. I came back and bought the lifetime because I wanted the perks. Seemed fair to me and I was delighted to see that Cryptic had shown their appreciation for my previous $$$'s by leaving my characters just how I left them. Now I am a Lifer and I still buy stuff from the C/Z-Store, I buy it because it's not available to me for free as a lifer.

If you wanted Lifer perks and bought the ones available in the store, then why didn't you buy the LTS in the first place? And if you didn't buy them, and instead bought other things not available as part of the LTS package, then you're asking to get for free something that others have paid because you bought some stuff that they also have to buy as extra. Not a fair request at all in my honest opinion.

As for the stipend, apart from not being enough to buy that many things, 500 Zen is not too difficult to accumulate during the course of a month if you are careful with your dilithium.

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