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Originally Posted by z0gra View Post
I think that fleet BoP's should have 5 tac console slots cause their initial design was already weak enough both in surival and firepower so to make things right it must get 5 tac slots and 3 sci 3 engi to compensate with its low stats on hull and shield mod and only 4 boffs.

All fleet BOP should just get 1 more tac slot in order to make them worth buying and flying cause with fleet scourge destroyer now there is no need at all to fly a BoP.

Perhaps a 5th console will make it more desirable and also it wont mess out balance at all cause BOP firepower is weak due to 6 weapons only and 4 boffs that many must be eginner and sci in order to have a basis survival with that little bird.

So give BoP's a 5th console tac
I agree with you there, except on the 5/3/3 set-up, because that would give BoPs 11 consoles.