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09-23-2012, 09:55 AM
I think STO really needs to have their development team and management sit down with the playerbase and discuss the issues.

I personally care less to be told what the game's future brings. That is irrelevant as I know that if they do not innovate the game fails and their jobs are on the line. So I'm confident they will innovate and add new things. What I find disturbing is that they simply keep adding crap without fixing things that have been seriously broken for years or have been so unbalanced because of poor management decisions in implementation that the problem it caused in the game has already run out of control.

I really think that season 8 should not be about new things but rather about FIXING existing issues. Have the dev team compile a list of issues that the playerbase submits. Fix them. Sure, not all devs are involved with fixing so those that are not could instead improve the existing things in the game (visuals, function, add more options to existing items, etc).

To date I have only seen one MMO actually dedicate an entire development cycle (major patch) exclusively to looking back and fixing things. Dark Age of Camelot did it and that patch was so incredibly good that the game took on a whole new life. Not only were zones tweaked to be better, look better, have better opponents but also a massive list of glitches and bugs were squashed. The devs even held Q&A live on the server and had people take them to and show them the bugs that were found. WOW talk about dedication. Many of those issues were eliminated just through that process. The game received nothing 'new' for 6 months that cycle took but the result of their efforts was a playerbase that knew that it was not pointless to report bugs , that it was not pointless to give suggestions on the forums and most importantly: that they were heard.

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