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09-23-2012, 10:06 AM
As much fun as it would be, as a gamer, to mount this console on any ship just like the phaser point defense system, I must say I agree with Cryptic's decision to limit it to just the Armitage, as the ability to fire a huge volley of torpedoes is dependent on the Akira/Armitage's weapons pod design with a ridiculous number of torpedo launchers crammed into a nice, centrally-located spot on the ship. Torp spread III is already pretty impressive, anyway.

The other Tier 5 C-point ships' special consoles likewise are all abilities that are pretty closely tied to those particular ships. I could see the Ablative generator going on other ships perhaps, but probably not the others.

I do really like the above idea of two features on endgame c-store "open" and one tied to that particular ship. It certainly made getting the Regent a no-brainer, as I wanted to try out that torpedo on my sluggish carriers and cruisers and even some science ships.

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