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Well, I've said before I don't understand why they didn't have the Foundry team working on STO and then port it to NWN, rather than the reverse. Maybe there's some solid reason for it (not having to screw up existing code), or maybe it's just a matter of accounting (x amount of money is allocated to NWN, so that is where the resources have to be allocated). Who really knows?

Bottom line, hopefully we'll see some improvements eventually. For the time being you can either accept the Foundry for what it is, and do what you can with it, or you can move on to other things. If your choose to do the latter, I think anyone who has used the Foundry could understand your decision, even if they don't make the same choice themselves.
My suspicion would be that Neverwinter's branch ties into the ways NW is fundamentally different from STO.

It was stated in press reviews that NW has a different control scheme. That would likely mean a somewhat different "feel" for interacting with the world. NW also has interior construction that works a different way and an emphasis on melee by nature of the IP and the video released shows contacts who must be physically approaches in order to talk to them. Dan Stahl mentioned once that Neverwinter has a different dialogue system.

I CAN'T SAY for certain what is different.

But Neverwinter should have a different feel. And keep in mind that some features like the interior construction seen in the preview videos for Neverwinter will require art assets specifically prepped to use that system. The Cryptic presentation released on the Neverwinter Foundry shows that you can place rooms next to eachother and then have a door between them (which is movable) that overwrites a wall. So even if the code could be ported over, STO doesn't necessarily have 3D models or the gameplay elements equipped to use that code.

It might require code overhauls, UI overhauls, and brand new art for STO to be able to make heads or tails of the new features. And perhaps some of the new features will have to be tweaked to make sense in a world with ground and space.