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09-23-2012, 11:17 AM
having to do the animation for each ship to carry the ablative is the only logical stumbling block.

The Ablative generators were outfitted to Voy in deep space by guys walking on the hull! Surely it would be a logical thing and easy to do in a shipyard. I have the Intrepid with the console running and in a pitch it is by far the best defesive console out there - you are basically invinsible while active and you can still use Torps and almost all other BO - and special powers for each class of toon(tac/eng/sci) Of course a lot of people will claim balance issues but it does take up a console slot and it has a long cooldown - so its not like you can just pop it every time an enemy gets your shield down.

And it was not a technology the was designed for the interpid class - it was designed for ALL starfleet ships so there is Zero reason other than the annimation from making it usefull on all Fed ships.

Note to Devs/DShahl:

However, i am sure if they did take the time to do the annimation then they would sell like 100,000 interpids at the C-store. Everyone would buy oned to get that to instal on their ship. So I think that would cover the dev annimation time!

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