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Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
The Bortasqu' doesn't have Enhanced Slipstream Drive.

Also, as a player of both sides fairly equally, yeah, I'd be ok with that kind of a method in the future. One permanent feature, one removable feature.
I geuss that was where I was heading... And they already turned down that road with the regent.

Originally Posted by theindefatigable View Post
As much fun as it would be, as a gamer, to mount this console on any ship just like the phaser point defense system, I must say I agree with Cryptic's decision to limit it to just the Armitage, as the ability to fire a huge volley of torpedoes is dependent on the Akira/Armitage's weapons pod design with a ridiculous number of torpedo launchers crammed into a nice, centrally-located spot on the ship. Torp spread III is already pretty impressive, anyway.
Well I can make a variant of my ship that dosent have that pod...

Originally Posted by theindefatigable View Post
The other Tier 5 C-point ships' special consoles likewise are all abilities that are pretty closely tied to those particular ships. I could see the Ablative generator going on other ships perhaps, but probably not the others.
Indeed... Then again you could say the same about the defiant cloak...

In both instances, such as I understand the system, They require individual textures for each costume part, wich is likely to be the reason why they don't.

Originally Posted by theindefatigable View Post
I do really like the above idea of two features on endgame c-store "open" and one tied to that particular ship. It certainly made getting the Regent a no-brainer, as I wanted to try out that torpedo on my sluggish carriers and cruisers and even some science ships.
And it makes sence... It would probably even increase sales, as there would be a good reason to get pretty much any ship, as you would be able to bring at least one ability along with you.
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