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09-23-2012, 11:54 AM
I don't understand the big deal people make out of a ship having 5 tactical consoles.

The way I see it you are already suffering some pretty severe DR using a 4th that matches your damage type (assuming an all cannon / turret escort) so a 5th is not going to be overly helpful. I suppose it could let you run 4 and 1 torp damage console but as ive said, the difference between 3 and 4 damage consoles is pretty small.

However i've found there are a couple of consoles i'd rather not do without. 2x Armor and 2x Shield Capacity are now standard for me along with one science or engineering for the borg console. Some people still like to use EPS regulators or a turn rate console which means you need 3 engineer, 3 science (if borg goes in here) and 4 tactical OR 4 engineer (borg again), 2 science and 4 tactical.

I really don't know what people would like to give up for a tiny damage boost from a 5th tac console. 1 Science like the bug ship? Suppose its ok but the shields do make a difference. Same with the armor. Especially in pve.

This is why, imo, the fleet MVAE sucks. Its only got 2 engineering consoles so no turn / eps, 3 science consoles (which is fine) but 5 tac consoles. The worst thing about it is the BO layout. Only 1 of the best tactical slot (lt commander) is a hinderance.