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09-23-2012, 12:25 PM

have you seen what has been happening to the game when they change a few things? paying any attention at all? and yet you want them to rewrite code because you're all to stupid or lazy to not pug? not the devs responsibility you don't have friends, make some in this thread eh?

don't pug and no problems, if you pug it's your responsibility, you pushed the button, no one stood behind you with a weapon demanding you press it. you're not works fine the way it is. devs quite simply have better/more important things to do (i hope) than modify the game to accommodate a bunch of people who can't figure out there's an alternative already in place that others do use.

find a channel, find a fleet, find some people to go with you, advertise in ds9, advertise in the forums...all these options to avoid pugging....but hey, that takes effort on your part. so is it just laziness that you don't go for the other options? much easier to push a button and gamble then whinge about it later?

seriously...are you all that fracking lazy and feel that the game should modified around your laziness?