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This is a recent build of mine, which I am starting to like for my scitoon.

Keep in mind that The Atrox is a sci-ship carrier, that was designed for stand off battles. You support others in fleet actions, providing heals and a fair amount of damage through your pets. Beams arrays are usual for stand-off battles, but at the end of the day, they really don't deliver enough damage.

A recent console addition - subspace jump - adds a new level of fun and changes the value of the Atrox.

  1. Use a pair of dual heavy cannons on the front, + 1 torpedo (quantum is my choice).
  2. Three turrets at the back.
  3. build out the bonuses for your energy type.
  4. Add the subspace jump console

In my case I went with tetryon (or phased tetryon where possible). As the atrox is a pig, I embrace it's slowness, rather than devoting anything to improve the turns. The subspace console is my back-door denouement.

Combat is usually like this:
  1. at 20KM set fighters for intercept. launch all wings.
  2. at 15km slow my approach so that I can stop just outside thier weapons range.
  3. set fighters to attack as I pass into 10km range
  4. open fire with my main guns. (Rapid fire is a bonus here). The tetryon weapons shred his shields. Sci defbuffs cut through his protection.
  5. Use tachyon beam to drain shields, or tractor beam on smaller targets to add structural damage.
  6. The fighters begin thier runs. smile as you watch 12 small quantum torpedos do thier nasty work. Usually the target will reciprocate against your pets, not you.
  7. Continue the frontal assault with the Atrox. In the case of smaller targets, close the distance. Spheres & higher, slow to a near stop.
  8. Heal & support your team mates, over and over.
  9. when your target is at 50% or less, use the subspace jump to move within 3km behind him. Unload into his tush.

The multiple sci-skills add variation to the same basic plan.

The Atrox is not escort - you can't get wet & dirty. You can still deal significant damage AND support your team if you leverage it's strengths and weaknesses.

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