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Originally Posted by commanderkassy View Post
WoW was successful in part because it did a lot of things right and polished the hell out of it.

Do I like the game? No. I hate that game.

But in terms of pure structure, it had a winning formula.

What has been suggested is not a simple copy and paste job, but using that structure as inspiration for creating better structure in STO. STO badly needs it.
The thing about WoW is, it mercilessly steals what works from other games, down to including a plants vs. zombies game and Pokemon pet battles now.

It's not that everything needs to be like WoW. It's just a convenient place to go, in order to point to things, because anything successful in MMOs is something that they've tried a version of and put a layer of polish on.

They're not a bad game. They may be unremarkable in some respects and their age is REALLY showing but I think they probably deserve to be considered on the high end of average as an MMO in general and 10 out of 10 both for polish and NUMBER of features/systems. (And pretty low when it comes to customization.) The more infuriating aspects are probably raiding and PvP (particularly arena and Warsong Gulch) but it's actually a pretty fulfilling game if you ignore that those things even exist. I suppose it depends on your threshold for grinding but I ADORE grinding and they do have art teams who do lovely stuff with an 8 year old MMO engine. I think it's stylized nature has caused it to age better visually than City of Heroes, for example.