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Originally Posted by jexsamx View Post
Oh good, I noticed this too and for a minute there I thought I'd gone nuts.

Not to derail, but I've also noticed high yield plasma torpedoes, when fired by Romulan NPCs, will sometimes go rogue and hit either the ship that fired them or another Romulan ship. While I'm glad for the assistance, I can't say I've noticed that happening before, and was wondering if it's another new bug.
I've noticed sound issues as well. Ship's computer announcements in the STF's I was running last night were almost inaudible while the weapons fire (mine and everyone else's) was often VERY loud. It also seems like sound is more directional (a silly idea that has become way to common in MMO's lately, IMO.)

I have also noticed Romulan Plasma Torps going rogue but I've been seeing that since about 2 patches back. Like you I'm not complaining... I appreciate the assist. However in one mission it got so bad it was comical. It was as if I were going up against the Romulan version of the Keystone Cops
. Enjoyed it immensely. Wish I could see that again .
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