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09-23-2012, 03:53 PM
What I do is about like the others say. Depends on if I'm on the Fed or KDF. Fire at will and torpedo spread is a good choice to use. I use them both to take out those heavy torpedoes that do massive damage.

Fed, I try to keep moving away from the front. Since that area is most devastating. Usually my run on both Fed and KDF is go at them at full throttle. I fire everything I have. Usually hit the Energy modulation to up the energy weapons power. Then pop the jam sensors which takes out his weapons. As I get right on the ship where I can spit on them. I hit a tractor and fill him full of warp plasma. By then he is really in a mess. So I fly around and keep pounding him. This usually works well for me for 80% of the time. However at times he will hit the repel move that sends me backwards and then your in a bad spot. Or hits the tractor beam and that isn't good either.

Now on my KDF I do the same. However my Battlecruiser has forward cannons which is my area to do most damage. Where my Fed is good as broad side hits. On my KDF I do the same as my Fed. After I pass by him with him stuck in the plasma cloud. I hit full reverse and swing around to get my front towards him. Then I open up with all my beams, cannons, and torpedoes. He usually don't look good by the time he comes out of that cloud. Specially with my front beam array, dual cannons and heavies gets done with him. Plus the torpedoes. I have destroyed large ships with this move with ease more than once.