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Cryptic engine water is easily the worst water I have seen in a modern game. It looks COMPLETELY unreal. The water is TERRIBLE. It's like this thick, gelatinous mass that slowly moves around with a mind of its own.
Actually, I've always thought that the water looked rather pretty.

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I would argue against the characters looking realistic. They look nice at first.. but things quickly deteriorate. There are only two "age 20-40" facial textures for females for example, and as a result, almost every woman looks the same. No amount of tweaking the scalers will prevent that, it all comes down to skin color and hair choice.
Maybe I should have said "realistic for an MMO". Cause... yeah... I think the only problem is the fact that there are only two eye shapes. If they made more eye shapes than "Asian" and "European Descent" then people would start looking a whole lot different.

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Speaking of hair, STO has probably the worst hair I have EVER seen in an MMO (relative to the year it was released and the technology being employed). The hair is AWFUL. There are very, VERY few selections that are even passable as something I would ever wear IRL, and the ones that do look flat and plastic. This game needs to throw all its hair out and start from scratch. It's a freakin' travesty.
...I will not disagree with you on this however. Cryptic just needs to hire Apachii and never need to worry about cool hairstyles ever again.

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