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09-23-2012, 05:17 PM
Speaking of Z giving stuff. I would say the bulk of my decent BO's, from Saurian's to Lethean's all came from Z. About 5 minutes ago, I got a Borg Medical Analyzer kit in my mail from Z also. I may have passed one Z's way quite some time ago but I now have one again for when I finish my Fed Alt Sci. [=

Although I tend to be the one hosting the TFBB, that is Z's thing and I am happy to help out. Casual PvP for those who couldn't care if they were the best or the worst. It's all about fun and that is the type of PvP STO needs more of. Some of the play styles like today's Kirk Style Hand-to-Hand Combat have had a lot of thought put into their rules. STO's Dev Team could learn a heck of a lot from the matches we run weekly.

One of the best things about this thread that people tend to say time and time again is, people in here are friends. That really says something good about this thread and I am happy to say, I wouldn't have my favorite person in the whole wide world to enjoy if it wasn't for this game, the Ten Forward area of the STO boards, and the TenForwardForum in-game chat. I have also enjoyed the lots of great 10ites this game has introduced me to. This group isn't as small as most think either. Most sadly feel pushed away from the STO boards.