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Originally Posted by shaunkl View Post
The TNG combadge was upgraded as well, I think it's actually bigger than it used to be. (The original was just the 2409 combadge with added stuff in the back )

The scary thing is, during season three (of TNG) they introduced an even smaller 2360's design. So the fact that the current one is larger than the early TNG-badge is a little frustrating.

Also note that they don't like making small objects as they say you can't see them. I also think more polygons become involved as well.

It would be nice however to make the TNG combadge consistent in size at least to the TNG Movie badge.

(P.S. Oh and Cryptic, at least make a variant of TNG pants with division-piping, please.)
So the devs don't like to make small things .... even though it was much more correct than this toy-looking thing... i think i get headache.

The TNG movie Badge is much more consistent, i don't get why the TNG series combadge has to be nearly twice as big as it should be.

Do they hate TNG design THAT much?

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