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# 1 I have ideas for the Foundry.
09-23-2012, 08:20 PM
Hey everyone. I love the foundry I just love creating stuff. Well there is a few improvments I'd like to see. Not everyone that reads this will like it all but oh well lol.

First off-

- A 3D map so we can place assets better instead of neep switching back and forth between test play and editor.

- The interior creator I seen it in foundry for never winter now I want it.

- An easier way of doing puzzles. Have you guys tried to do a password puzzle they can take me weeks to do.

- More assets and doors into social zones. We still haven't even got statfleet academy yet.

- More effects and animations

- Triggers need a little work like being able to using triggers to open doors.

- Spawn and de-spawn NPCs using triggers or not.

- Destructible objects. Like you have to shoot a create to get into a door.

- Path nods "Those are having NPCs or contacts follow a path."

- Patch Notes "Giving us the ability to have patch notes next to our mission description.

- The ability to have people that plays our mission to subscribe to that author, so they can receive updates on the author even letting that person know they have a new mission from him/her.

- Cut-scenes would also be really nice. Ability to create cut-scenes it shows our creative side even further.

- Linkable missions as in let's say you have a three part mission and need to link those together.

- Branching story "Pretty much is a way to have multiple endings to a mission. Or the story changes.

- A way to turn any NPC into friend or foe. so we don't have to create a bunch of costumes.

- One last thing... a way to make consoles glow and interact without having it as an mission objective.

Well I think that's about it a kind of long list but I hope the people at cryptic reads it. Thank you for reading.

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