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Originally Posted by diotw View Post
Everyone you kill with the weapon is vaporised, usually striking a death pose in the process. I use this as my main character's principal weapon, with the story that it was handed down from his Starfleet officer Grandfather, and he's had it retrofitted to be a functional weapon in 2409.
Retrofitted? It doesn't NEED to be retrofitted. It DISINTEGRATES PEOPLE. They haven't made people harder to disintegrate over the last few hundred years. If anything, handgun technolergy in Trek is too advanced for its own good, resulting fidgety, failure-prone weaponry that routinely malfunction in the presence of the negative space wedgie of the week.

I know if I were going to pick what weapon I'd take with me on an away team, I'd bring an AK-47. It's tough, it's rugged, it will fire under virtually any condition (Damping Fields Can Kiss My Ass), it deals kinetic damage that laughs at shields, and it has an effective range in the HUNDREDS of meters instead of the dozens. It's hundreds of years old, exists in canon as ST History doesn't branch off from ours until much later, and it's still better than anything they have on the show. Plus, it looks like a weapon and not a cheap plastic toy that will break if you bash in an ugly alien's head with it.