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# 1 Subscription Differences?
09-23-2012, 08:20 PM
Recently started STO and have had a blast with it, so I decided to try out the 3-month subscription.

After setting it up, I'm now asked if I want to "Upgrade to Gold" and it wants me to basically duplicate the 3-month subscription purchase. When I clicked on the "Upgrade to Gold" button on the website, it took me to the subscription page that I purchased my subscription from. I guess I was understanding wrong, but I thought a subscription was a Gold member...guess not.

I've tried the Account Support buttons and can't get ANYTHING to open up, so I thought I'd ask this in the Forum, thinking maybe some of the staffers might see it and be able to clarify this for me.

Hopefully, someone can clarify this topic for new I thought I was buying a Gold subscription membership by following the links the STO site provides.