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Originally Posted by nephilim83 View Post
I think a better way to have handled the Fleet BoPs would have been to give them an extra Lt.Commander Boff slot. What makes the BoP so interesting to me is how versatile it is with its all universal slots. An extra Lt.Commander Boff would have played into that nicely. It would have allowed the BoP to kill better, heal better, or tank better - not just kill slighty better with an extra tact console. And compared to all the ships with the big shield and hull boosts, I'd say that would have been more than fair.
Actually, if memory serves, the fleet Ning'tao does have another Lt. Cmdr slot, at the cost of having spit for hull and shields.

Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
I am thinking of getting my first c-store KDF ship to get the Isometric console - how does the ship(Vor'cha Battle Cruiser Refit )- console perform?
It's a good console, but you need at least one of the following:

1. Maxed out Particle Generators skill (and if you want, particle gen consoles)
2. Tactical officer buffs.
3. Multiple enemies, especially clustered together.

Also the Vor'kang itself, as a ship, isn't bad either.

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