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09-23-2012, 09:54 PM
This post is true in a lot of ways.

However, the fact the fleets who had them before this latest patch kept silent (they know who they are). This falls under their responsibility to report the over powered status of these doffs. Instead, they were monopolized by the use of bots and/or an enormous amount of EC to make them their own special weapon. Well guess what Cryptic/PW screwed all of your efforts in this endeavor.

The damage is done now and those fleets are disgruntled just as much as everyone else is. I think all PvP Communities need to unite and drop their animosity for one another and make a collective approach to what needs to happen.

I have taken upon myself along side with my small group of Turkish RP Heroes, to host a TS channel named INTERNATIONAL PVP. Which will host all PvP fleets in effort to not only have verbal communication with one another but a collective "Mecca" for all of us to convene, rather than bicker on a forum that is not even taken seriously. We as a whole can take it upon ourselves to create a collective community to make our own rules to ensure the enabling of both entertaining and balanced matches.

Now I understand the mere fact nearly, if not all PvP communities have their own channel of sorts. This is to address the times we have all logged onto our TS', Mumbles, and Vents to find nobody online. Sure OrganizedPvP addresses this function in textual format, but a verbal community will serve a more efficient method to achieve our collective goal. The goal we all want, is the reviving of PvP in Star Trek Online.

Mail or PM @PaxOttomana for further details. This is the best I can do as an individual for a community that desperately needs to drop its animosity and unite. PvP revival does not rest in the hands of the devs, but those who desire it for it to be revived.

-PaxOttomana of Turkish RP Heroes (Role Playing in the PvP Queues since 2011).

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