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09-23-2012, 09:18 PM
It's possible, but would require some creative genius. But, you may just want to bite the bullet and avoid it.

Short Version:
To make a simple branch like you want to is impossible. At least, as a simple choice option. Cryptic can't even do this in house to some extent. And you wont be able to send a player to a different map out of the linear story order.


You can accomplish something similar to the audience however with dialog triggers and very complex map design.

Hard Version:
You'd need to set up a series of "Warp Transitions" using in game effects tied to non objective triggers at the divergence point. These would be linked to map based pop up dialog which causes the next thing in the chain to be opened, forcing the players to follow whatever path they first chose. The problem is you would not be able to use any objective based objectives or progression while the parts are divergent. I'm not sure if your story you want to tell makes that possible.

For example, this is what I mean.

You come across your two choice ships. A map based pop up dialog appears at that point. In it you have your choice. That choice is set to trigger another object to appear with a trigger (follow ship A) which links to a interact affect of a warp out and a whole bunch of map objects to change to represent your new map. Planet or Station covering the other ship... other nebula clouds to make the setting appear different. Things that make the map specific (You do this with another whole series for ship B). In those maps, using non objective interacts, you lead the player on a set path until they can rejoin a story proper and you can continue on a linear progression despite the choice they made. And there is no way to make it progress past another map, the system just doesn't keep that kind of persistent memory.

Basically, there is no way to make a player go to a different map depending on choices, but, through a lot of hard work and creative thinking you could trick them into thinking they did.

If any of what I said in the possible way to do this seemed like greek to you, I don't blame you. You could do it, but it is complex and would be dangerous to try as all complex mechanics are. Honestly, something like this I would only expect some of the more hardcore authors and foundry builders to attempt.