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09-23-2012, 09:23 PM
Your not alone here. I played Night of the Comet several weeks ago on my Fed character and had no problems with it, just played it yesterday or the day before and had no problems on my KDF character. But now since this latest patch I am having HUGE problems with various storyline missions.

Some of what you are saying seems familiar to my own problems. The most common being bugged/glitched either away team members or quest mobs getting stuck in celings/walls/floors/etc... Or randomly running away from you for no discernible reason. Also sometimes I will start a new mission with all of my away team members unconscious on the map somewhere, but not near me. The mission I am currently on with the KDF side, The Gates of Gre'thor, I start on the ship and all of my away team is unconscious somewhere I can't see them. I proceed forward thru the first step to help the NPC crew I recruited off the barge to defeat the mobs on the dock, we kill them all easily, and then nothing.....The next step says to "protect the gate operator" but he is nowhere in sight, no way to open the gate, no way to go around it, no way to progress. I exited and restarted the mission, this time ONE of my away team was alive....started to follow me off the boat, and immediately warped somewhere and became unconscious??? WTF?!?!?!!?!?!

I dunno what they did with this last patch but it needs to be undone NOW.