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Originally Posted by robertcrayven View Post
So I'm putting the question out there to you guys - are we now in an era of STO where the majority of the playerbase does not care about story? Is our leading demographic now primarily composed of button-mashing pew-pew'ers who'd rather blow stuff up than seek immersion in the Star Trek universe? Is it possible that Dan Stahl's concerns that continued investment in story might not be worthwhile anymore actually have a foundation in reality?

And if so, has this been PWE's plan all along?

I welcome everyone's thoughts.
In a word....yes. Sadly yes. The MMO game world is primarily comprised of 12 year olds and/or intellectual 12 year olds who are more concerned with the size of their epeen and how hard they can smack another play with it than any storyline content written by anyone. Sadly they could have teamed Robert Heinlein <someone I doubt more than 5% of the people reading this will know about> and Ray Bradbury <again same comment> together with Gene Roddenberry to write all of the storyline content of this game and I still doubt that more than 10% of the player base would be interested in the missions. Not because they arn't good, well thought out, integrated missions with good stories to keep you interested in what's going to happen next, but primarily because as I said most of the player base for MMO's is people who want to know their epeen is bigger than most everyone elses so they can beat everyone up with it till everyone gets the same gear they have and they realize they need even BETTER gear to be uber again so they go on the forums and whine and cry about it loudly to everyone they know that the devs are idiots/morons/couldent program squat because their isnt a new more powerful item/weapon for them to be better than other players with.

This is tragically the case of most MMO's today. Both F2P and Sub based, although the sub based ones are getting few and far between. I play and have been playing MMO's since Ultima Online came out and that player group has always been there, but only in the last few years has it become considered a majority primarily because they are the most vocal in forums about how bad the game sucks because some new items don't come out every week to satisfy their need for a bigger epeen than anyone else.

I'm sure Cryptic could provide some good data about total player base vs how many have played thru the storyline missions and I SINCERELY hope it's a larger percentage than has not, especially since you can get some pretty decent stuff from the missions, and from repeating the missions, until you suffer yourself to the STF grind to get the game uber gear not because you want to kill everyone in sight, but just because it's game content you havent done yet.

I fear sadly though from your comments about people you've talked to, and from Stahl's comments that this may not be the case, and that those of us who appreciate the game on a level other than who/what we can kill next and how easily we can kill it, are part of a dying breed left to stutter thru whatever new story content is offered until the game gets so end-game/combat focused that we finally get sick of playing and leave for the next new game that will probably START with good storyline and missions, but will ultimately get reduced to the same sad combat/epeen game every other one seems to be sliding into because of corporate greed and the need for marketers to tell programmers what they should program instead of letting them program what looks like is needed in the game to make the game a better place......

Feel free to flame away. I've been at this a long time in several games and no mater how much you love to hate my point of view if you even have 2 brain cells to rub together you know it's correct. I really wish it wasn't, honestly I do.