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The only backstory given is via the website or the random datachips at the Academy, aside from some sporadically laced in missions, and Spock's voiceover in Sector Space, which I guess you'd miss with the audio off.

I think they need to seriously look at a new trailer that covers what the heck is going on and, well... What Star Trek IS and WAS.

They didn't have art on all the uniforms at launch but they do now.

I think the ideal would be to open with WWIII, show as much of First Contact as likeness will allow for, show Enterprise-era and the NX01, show TOS, show WoK era, show TNG, amd show the Dominion War. With captions like "40 Years Ago," "120 Years Ago," etc.

A lot of people may have only seen one or two of the shows. Having it all laid out in context is a must, IMHO. It's a win for people who know it, like covering their favorite song. It's a need for people who don't.
After reading all the posts in here and especially noting yours, I have to say that I most generally agree with your pov as far as gaming and MMO's in general and the state of MMO's espoused by others who are considered experts in the industry.

What I have to ask though to you and anyone else who is more knowledgeable than "Where is my next new PEW PEW TOY!!!! WAAAAAAHHHH" is, Where is the way forward?

I think anyone with even a passing knowledge of economics and how these games are run/programmed knows that creating new story content is FAR more cost and time consuming than simply dropping in some shiny new toys for the PEW PEW crowd. So do we take the long view of general consensus, our OP of this thread, and Stahl's comments that perhaps storytelling in MMO's is a dying idea? Or should we take the info that there are more people being hired to write story content as a possible sign that all hope is not lost?

Belive me I fully understand these games first and foremost need to make money to survive and keep being programmed for new content and fixes of old issues. But at what point does the game simply become a cash grab to give temporary instant gratification to the end-gamers while the rest of us who actually LIKE and APPRECIATE the effort that is put into story missions fade into the sunset dust?