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Originally Posted by robertcrayven View Post
So I'm putting the question out there to you guys - are we now in an era of STO where the majority of the playerbase does not care about story? Is our leading demographic now primarily composed of button-mashing pew-pew'ers who'd rather blow stuff up than seek immersion in the Star Trek universe? Is it possible that Dan Stahl's concerns that continued investment in story might not be worthwhile anymore actually have a foundation in reality?

And if so, has this been PWE's plan all along?

I welcome everyone's thoughts.
All the important parts of STO are in the end-game for most people. That has been true for a long time. The problem with the story-line missions is that while they are great EXP they are otherwise unimportant. Nothing you do changes anything in the actual story of STO. That would require STO to be a serious Sandbox style MMO and it is anything BUT that.

I have 6 characters at lvl 50 and while I have done the storyline missions for both sides (what few exist for the KDF) I have never really bothered to sit down and really read what I was doing very thoroughly. I do appreciate the FE's in particular and I LOVED and payed attention to the KDF Gre'thor story arc. Besides that I have a hard time feeling "immersed" in the Star Trek universe when the combat feels nothing like Trek, the missions are all "Shoot everything that moves!" and the Federation is allowing folks to fly around in Tholian, Ferengie, Cardassian, and Jem'hadar ships that break with Canon power levels all over the place. Also there are the STF's which have no real place in the storyline and extreme inconsistency with the Borg.

In simpler words: The End Game is where it is at for most and STO's utter destruction of all things Canon and Immersive makes the relation of the Story-Line missions and the overall plot in STO irrelevant.