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09-24-2012, 02:09 AM
[quote=bitemepwe;5814601]I thought one of our Fleet Battle cruisers had 5 of console type arraingement?

Regardless I feel the fleet Somraw deserves a 5th tactical console.

Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
If you consider "no more" to mean "one" then yes.
And in case of the fleet ships that number drops to "none" (I know that's not an actual number).

It's actually pretty strange that the faction that practically has only warships doesn't get such a ship.
Instead there's that BoP with only 9 consoles and the same amount of hull as a Runabout.
*looks around*
Has anybody figured out what that thing is supposed to be good at yet?[/QUOTE

Decloak fire crap it didnt die oh S#%&T BOOM respawn?
The Fleet Norgh/Ning'tao is pretty much suited for just that. The extra LTC console will help with shield tanking, but that low hull will definitely hurt it. It's basically meant for quick diving in and out of action, hopefully without everyone unleashing an alpha on you at once. . .just like the Hegh'ta and the Fleet Hoh'sus (which will do it just as well, if not better) are really gonna be used.

The Somraw is apparently a worthy buy, if you've got dilithium to throw around. That's what we'll have to use to really try matching the Fed fleet escorts. Tor'kaht, as well.