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09-24-2012, 03:38 AM
The problem in What Lies beneath has been there for months, I just ran it today and noticed that it is even worse than it was before. As far as Night of the Comet goes, I ran it this evening but didnt have a problem. However someone I was talking to on the TTS chat DID have the problem at that exact time with the comet disappearing. In addition to the 2 that have been mentioned, I have discovered several new bugs in the Azura mission, where captain Bott is stuck in a wall and u cannot talk. Also in the Kuva'Magh, Miral Paris was stuck in a wall as well, preventing action being taken. PWE this is really unacceptable. These missions are vital to a new FED character. Without them they cannot progress through the missions at all. Please fix them, not just for us, but for future players as well. If the Azura mission is bugged, why would someone want to bother continuing? Please fix these