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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
everybody has different expectation of a game, especially a game of his/her favourite franchise.
you have some points that are also grinding my gears about the game, but your suggestions i don't like either.

however points 1, 4 and 5 are great and brought up on the forum numerous times. The map was in discussion to be changed, but it is A LOT of work...basically making sector space from scratch. But Dstahl said about a year ago, that as soon as they have that workforce free and the time at hand it is top priority. But that may mean anything.

there is a death penalty, it is just very rudimentary. A system like a durability loss would be appropriate. And you constantly need to repair battle damage after battles with the existing repair units. Those injuries should be more frequent also on normal difficulty, and the repair units should be replecateable, or a doff mission that need the current crafting materials (those are useless right now anyway)
This could also be incorporated into a semi crafting system, ON YOUR ship.
Example, after an come out of the battle (even if you never died, dying just makes the repairs more extensive) with some shot power conduits and hull platings...go to your ship interiour and craft the replacements out of the crafting materials, or replicate some basic isolinear chips to repair the consoles that constantly blow up (atleast in the shows)

also, the damage system that is in place now...can be kept, since those are quick fixes, that need to be done appart from the big repairs after the battle.
That's kind of like BSGO. You go into a fight with durability and ship condition, and after a long drawn out fight, my ship usually went from 100% to anywhere from 60-70%. These numbers were meaningless until I hit 20% after which my hp was sliced in half and I went from a flying fortress to an armed joke. In order to repair durability, it wasn't free, you needed to mine titanium and repair your hull, your equipment, everything.

But as for this poster. Seriously. Why leave the game for 5 months, then come back and complain about it? Why not just stay gone? If you didn't like what you saw then, and you come back and don't like what you see now, why would you bother to waste our time with complaints? I agree with hippiejon. Just leave. You will find that none of us miss you or your negativity. Regardless of whether or not your suggestions hold any water, regardless of whether they make sense or are any good, the way you put them out just makes me want to slap you instead of listen.

So please, remove your post, and remove yourself. OR you can try and offer suggestions like the rest of us, with polite posts commenting on things, and occasionally insulting PWE, but not nearly to the extent you have.
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