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09-24-2012, 03:11 AM
i'm not gonna support that additude!

but they are pretty self explanatory, since you just need to look at existing phaser and disruptor weapons. The general shape is the same.

all rifles look alike...only the sniper looks longer you really don't need to be an expert to exactly identify which weapon is what type.
upper left is pulsewave, next to it is probabaly the high density beam
mid left is a blast assault, next to it a beam pistol, next to that seems like the compressor pistol or one of the dual pistols. Then the full auto rifle.
left bottom corner is the minigun, then the split beam and at last the sniper rifle.

also right now, not all types are available anyway. i only saw splitbeam, pulsewave, beam pistols, and i think a sniper rifle. So not much choice anyway.
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