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09-24-2012, 03:20 AM
Originally Posted by frtoaster View Post
I'm curious what exactly the exploit was. I play as an engineer, but never used kit swapping as a tactic before. I can think of two possibilities.

1. Use fabrication engineer kit and spawn turrets and mines. Then, swap to bunker fabrication kit and spawn generators. Then, swap to enemy neutralization kit and spawn mines and bombs. I can see that this allows an engineer to construct hardy fortifications, but was this really overpowered?

2. Keep multiple copies of the same kit and litter the field with turrets, mortars, and mines. I can see this being very overpowered. But if this was the case, wouldn't it be better to tie the cooldowns and spawning to the ability itself rather than the particular kit equipped? That way, there is no advantage to keeping multiple copies of the same kit, but swapping to different kits still has advantages.
Exactly, I never used multiple copies (I'd never be able to keep track of which is which) but I do keep multiple kits, the game tips say "get multiple kits for your career so that you can quickly change your abilities" perhaps not those exact words but words to that effect at least. Just because it doesn't affect tacticals doesn't mean its ok for the other two, in fact it makes science very ineffective if they've set up medical stuff (vascular regen and nanite health monitor) and then switch to the xenobiologist kit to do some damage themselves but the person who needed the meds dies because they were taken away with the kit change.

Perhaps we should cater to science for a change, they really need ALL the help they can get right now